Social Media Plugins: What are they? 

What Exactly Is a Social Media Plugin? Site owners can use a social media plugin to display social icon widgets for networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The main purpose is for your readers to be able to share content they like on their personal social media profiles. 

Plugins for social media are software designed to extend the functionality of websites and other applications by providing additional features and services. They can integrate external applications into existing ones, add custom designs, and provide new content. 


Social Warfare beats the old drab for good reasons, and here is why you might want to upgrade: 

  • Automatically pick images from posts 
  • Create custom open graph images 
  • Add share, like, and follow buttons 
  • Roadblock old social buttons 
  • Monitor link click lengths to determine which content is doing well 

SocialWarfare plugin can give your website a competitive advantage over competitors vying for viewership. They also make it easier to set up your site so you can focus on creating great content. Finally, your readers will be left wanting more as they see how simple it is to contact you via various channels. 

Social Warfare Plugin Plans Review

Social Warfare – Pro

Give your site the most powerful social sharing features while keeping your page load times as fast as possible. This add-on will give you more control, customization, and optimization over your WordPress-powered site. 

Key Features 

  • Additional Sharing Options 
  • Pin All the Images 
  • Powerful Share Customization 
  • Custom Design and Placement 
  • Minimum Social Proof 
  • Share Recovery: Your Lost Share Counts Recovered! 
  • Social Authorship, Twitter Cards, Rich Pins, and More! 
  • Link Shortening, Analytics Campaign Tracking, and Button Click Tracking 

Social Warfare – AffiliateWP 

Is your e-commerce business reliant on affiliates to promote its products? If this is the case, AffiliateWP is one of the best WordPress plugins for creating and managing an affiliate program. 

However, convincing your affiliates to share more than just your homepage is difficult. Creating affiliate links for your other pages can be tedious and time-consuming. 

Your logged-in affiliates can share any page on your site using the Social Warfare share buttons, which will automatically become an affiliate link for them. 

That means your affiliates can easily share product pages, blog posts, support articles, or any other type of page on your site with share buttons, knowing their affiliate id is automatically added. 

How Social Warfare Differ from other Plugins & its Features:

Choose your placement 

With SocialWarfare plugin, you get the option to specify where the buttons should appear. Select one of the following placement options: 

  • Above the post content 
  • Below is the post content 
  • Both above and below the post content 
  • None (or) Manual placement 

 When static (non-floating) buttons are not visible, we allow floating share buttons to follow your readers down the screen. This way, no matter where the reader scrolls on your page, they will always have easy access to your share buttons. 

Social Findings 

This feature displays how frequently your content has been shared—even tweets count (with a Social Warfare – Pro license)! Social proof is a powerful psychological tool that has been shown to increase the number of shares. We use the social network API endpoints to ensure that the most accurate share counts are always displayed. 

Widget for Popular Posts Based on Social Share Counts 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could display your most popular posts based on the number of social shares they’ve received? You can do so with Social Warfare. 

You can even display your most popular posts according to which social network they were popular on! 

The Popular Posts widget in Social Warfare allows you to display and customize the look with the following: 

  • Post thumbnail images 
  • Image and text size 
  • Custom visual themes 
  • Custom date range

Click To Tweet Quotes

This is a quick and easy way to include tweetable quotes in your posts or pages. It has also increased the average number of tweets per article significantly. 

Use Shortcodes to Place Share Buttons Anywhere Manually 

If you want to place buttons in the middle of an article, you can use our [social warfare] shortcode. 

What if you wanted to add share buttons to a page but have them share a different page entirely (for example, sharing your “Sign-up” page instead of your “Thank You” page)? This is possible with Social Warfare! 

If you’re familiar with PHP, you can integrate Social Warfare into your theme templates for even more customization. 

Content Protection 

We’ve integrated our popular Frame Buster into Social Warfare to protect you from content hijackers who try to place advertisements on top of your content without your permission. 

Summing Up  

In conclusion, Social Warfare is an incredibly powerful plugin that can help increase your social shares, protect your content, and make it easier for your affiliates to share your pages. With its wide range of features, it’s no wonder why Social Warfare is one of the most popular social sharing plugins on the market.

Social warfare provides you with the tools you need to make your content more shareable and engaging. It also helps you protect your content from being hijacked and makes it easier for affiliates to share your pages. So, say goodbye to the drab old plugins and start using Social Warfare today! 

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