Tailor Brands is a ground-breaking branding tool that enables clients in over 35 countries to design anything they need for their businesses with zero commitment and low costs. They create new, glamorous logos and brand names in minutes using machine learning. Their automated process does not need any technical knowledge and helps everyone to create their ideal brand.

Tailor Brands was established on June 11, 2014, by Nadav Shatz, and Yali Saar and is a Logo maker that is available for free.

Tailor Brands is also a graphic design solution that assists small business owners, freelancers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs to develop a high-quality and professional logo design and to create graphic elements such as business cards, blogs, and more in order to create brand awareness. You can build custom logos using a variety of font sizes, colors, and icons on the AI-powered platform.

What makes Tailor Brands unique from other Logo Makers?

Tailor Brands creates logos and branding for all types of Businesses.

Tailor Brands provide thousands of cool logo ideas from all industries to find the one that appeals to you the most.

I have experienced that apart from logo generation, Tailor Brand also offers AI-driven website design, social media promotion software, and some print work to place the logo on items like business cards and shirts.

Design a logo of an abstract shape.

I have experienced that The Tailor Brand creates an abstract shape of the logo to use as a logo icon and this abstract shape does not look like any sort of recognizable object or symbol, and it looks exactly what I wanted.

Merchandise and Business cards

Tailor Brand has made it possible to have the logo printed on business cards, t-shirts, or just on anything you want. They have partnered with Zazzle, a website that allows you to print what you like on almost anything. You will place your order without having to go to another website.

Social Media Tools Integration

Tailor Brand offers some social networking resources, and you can go from creating a logo to distributing it through social channels in a matter of minutes.

It also includes an automated resizing tool that can resize the logo to suit the ideal icon format for different social media platforms. These features can be useful even though you don’t yet have a social media plan.

The retail price that is reasonable

I’ve looked at a number of websites that provide Logo Maker services at a low cost. However, I noticed that the critical features are left out of these low-budget plans.

Here I wonder how Tailor Brands offers this many freebies and advanced features at this rate.

Anyone will provide the service for a cheap price, but you can double-check that we had all of the necessary features.

I have personal experience that, Tailor Brands doesn’t take any hidden charges and setup fees where others do. And no variation in the features and rate throughout. Get some exclusive offers from Tailor Brands Premium Logos

You have the option to save all of your logo designs.

The logos I created in the Tailor Brand was automatically saved so that I can revisit them later, even though I haven’t paid for them. Which is not only beneficial but also very important for any logo maker.

Tailor Brand has a mobile app that you can use.

Tailor Brand has a smartphone app for Android devices that you can download. And it has a logo editor that is straightforward and often self-explanatory which makes it easy to use after a few clicks on your mobile phone.

Logo Maker for Seasons

When the different holidays come close, I’ve found that the Tailor Brand provides logos that encapsulate the essence of the holidays, which are instantly applied to the brand profile.

Rights to Use

Tailor Brand offers you use privileges with no limitations even on the Basic plan. And Even if you want to revoke your membership, you still retain the rights to all the logos that you’ve designed.

Customer Support

Tailor Brand offers 24/7 customer support, which a few companies do. They provide switch assistance for all technical issues.

I have experienced quick and professional technical support from Tailor Brand.

The lack of an efficient technical team is a threat to most Logo service providers. But I can say Tailor Brands overcomes the same with an experienced team. They respond to your query within seconds.


Tailor Brand is one of the most distinguished logo makers and is known for making logos with outstanding features. With its outstanding pricing and various logos designs, Tailor Brand is one of the popular Logo maker websites.

Tailor Brand enables you to design stunning logos. No matter what industry your business is in, Tailor Brand’s online logo maker will create a logo that is a perfect match for it.

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