In this fast-paced and internet-led world, where every other person is operating their businesses through websites and youngsters are establishing a career in blogging. They need a hosting platform for their sites and blogs that’s when a reliable web hosting database comes into the picture like SmarterASP.NET.

In this review, I will take you through the benefits/services that SmarterASP.NET provides and whether you should consider this in 2023 or not.

What is SmarterASP.NET?

SmarterASP.NET is one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies that provide hosting services to store website information. It is based in California and hosts about 400,000 websites and has been providing hosting services since 1999. – The company has gained the trust of 785,277 customers worldwide in the 24 years of experience and the services it has offered.

It specializes in Microsoft Windows hosting. Although windows hosting is not for everyone, it provides advantages for large and established companies that have used windows software to create their websites for a time.

If your business depends on various windows tools, then picking a windows server hosting should be a frontrunner as it is compatible with other Windows tools.

It also comes with an easy-to-use Plesk control panel thus making it easier to update and make changes to your website.

Why should you consider SmarterASP.NET?

If you are looking for the most reliable, and feature-rich hosting platform at pocket-friendly prices that help you achieve a top-quality performance, then you must go for SmarterASP.NET as it provides you with everything that is needed for a feasible hosting with its diverse range of plans and features.

When compared to other hosting platform services, SmarterASP.NET’s costs are unbeatable without sacrificing quality.

Key differentiators of SmarterASP.NET

60 Days Free Trial:

A 60-day free trial on windows ASP.NET hosting with no credit card details and instant activation, and a money-back guarantee stands out the most.

The free trial doesn’t mean you are getting anything less as the package includes instant activation without a credit card, a free temporary domain name, instant hosting and upgrades along with free 24/7 support.

It also had a free trial option for Linux hosting which is no longer available now but you can surely avail of a 60 days full money-back guarantee on Linux hosting plans.

Cost-centric Approach

Cost reduction is key in today’s economy. The price range that SmarterASP.NET offers is very competitive. Its plans and packages are pocket friendly and can be afforded even by a beginner in the field.

SmarterASP.NET Services

The services that SmarterASP.NET offers include- ASP.NET, ASP, PHP hosting, MSSQL, MySQL hosting, Email hosting, Domain names at just $12/year, and SSL certificates.

Their pricing is flexible to suit individuals, and small and enterprise-level businesses and it varies depending on the various plans that they offer.

The various hosting plans are as follows- ASP.NET plans, Semi-dedicated ASP.NET hosting plans, VPS+ NVMe SSD plans, cloud server, and reseller plans.

ASP.NET hosting plan

ASP.NET Basic- $2.95/Month for hosting 1 website.
ASP.NET Advance- $4.95/Month for hosting 6 websites.
ASP.NET Premium- $7.95/Month for hosting unlimited websites.
All the above plans come with unlimited domain pointers, unlimited space/transfers, SQL server 2022/MySQL, .NET 7.x, 6.x, 5.x hosting, SSD storage with free activation.
Free 256-bit SSL is included in advance and premium plans.
Affiliate plan- Free hosting for all the affiliates with huge payouts and 40% commission on new sales.

Semi-dedicated ASP.NET hosting plan is a unique plan of SmarterASP.NET for extremely busy websites that can be used by 5-10 customers. The price ranges from $29.9(Semi basic plan) to $129.9(Semi ultimate plan) per month.

VPS+NVMe SSD plans

The price ranges from $99.95(VPS SSD 1) for a 200GB SSD and 8 GB of RAM to $399.95(VPS SSD 4) for a 2TB SSD and 60 GB of RAM per month.

Only the semi-dedicated and VPS plans offer a monthly payment option, so if you prefer to pay monthly rather than quarterly or yearly, these two options are a great choice.

Cloud server plans

The price ranges from $199 to $399 per month with 600 GB to 2TB storage and 16 GB – 60 GB RAM.

Reseller plans

With a windows reseller hosting plan, you can start your own web hosting company within 5 minutes with zero cost for technical support and server management.

You can fully customize your control panel with unlimited accounts and easy management.

The price range of the reseller plan is as low as $30(reseller 100) to $60(reseller 400) per month.

One of the stand-out features of Smarter.ASP.NET is their prices are constant from the time you sign up for a plan to the time you decide to end your contract, which no other hosting company provides as they increase the prices of hosting from the second year onwards.

Best Deals for SmartASP.NET

If you enjoy getting benefits from the coupons you receive, you will be blown away by the SmarterASP.NET coupons you get.

The company provides several deals like 60 days free trial on windows ASP.NET hosting, a 30% discount on shared ASP.NET hosting, and 20% off on cloud-server + NVMe SSD plans to name a few. You can get all the maximum available coupons in one place – One of the best marketplaces offering a variety of coupons and promo codes in various categories.


In conclusion about the SmarterASP.NET review, SmarterASP.NET is the best and most reliable hosting platform with a dedicated and experienced team with top knowledge and professional skills, who are at your service anytime. With their 60 days free trial, they are gaining the trust of the customers by providing them the best that they desire and deserve. Ultimately, it is an excellent first choice for a reliable and top-performance best windows hosting platform.

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